Natural Gas: Catalysing the Future

May 24-26, 2017 | Riocentro – Pavilion 5 | Rio de Janeiro | Brazil

Natural gas as the fuel of the future: how would companies get prepared to it?

What is the impact of current structural changes of oil and gas industry to gas operations? How technology can contribute to reduce costs and bring competitiveness to companies? In what way can the initiatives in Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) contribute to the industry’s sustainability in a renewed market context? Moreover, the most important: how can natural gas be reinvented, becoming the power that would be the fuel of future in all societies?
The theme “Natural Gas: Catalysing the Future” was chosen to reinforce that, more than just answers, the 2017 edition of IGRC will provide a deep reflection about the future of gas industry in a brand new scenario, in which companies all over the world need to redefine models, methods, products and more: ideologies and values.

If the demand for emerging technologies became a rule in all industries in the past years, nowadays it would be a key to find solutions to overcome the panel of decreasing prices and to deal with demanding consumers.

In Brazil, the discussion is crossing lines, integrating several topics in the production, exploration, transportation, among others relevant items in the gas segment. As an example, the prices of oil barrels had turned down in the last year, forcing companies to restructure their perspectives to future.

In addition, if on one hand pre salt is drafting opportunities and becoming a new exploration frontier – not only to oil reserves but also to natural gas, on the other hand it is imposing technological challenges as the high contamination rates by carbon in many fields across the country.

Altogether, Brazilian and foreign markets are searching for solutions to set out critic questions to the global society such as environmentally friendly energy supplies and gas as a complementary energy to the renewable ones.

In a defying period that are compelling companies to rebuilt strategies that were planned ahead, a refreshed point of view is emerging in our industry: gas as a transition fuel to support a low-carbon economy. It would be a catalysing element to the transformed demands in the energy sector – not only because of economic paradigms but also because of the increasing demand for renewable energy sources.

New challenges are coming up in energy industry and natural gas shows itself as a solution to overcome emerging barriers, turning the future tangible and more defying than it ever was.